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2014 Changing Maine Gathering

14th Annual Youth Activism Gathering (YAG), April 19-21 at Friends Camp

Hope you can come (if you are planning to be there for some or all of the weekend, it helps to tell us so we can plan food and make sure everyone who wants to come has a ride to get there) to the YAG. Go to http://maineyag.wordpress.com/ for details, registration,etc. If you need a ride or have other questions about the YAG, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Some of the awesome workshops on the schedule:

Indigenous History and Struggle in Maine
Sexual Health w/August (queer loving)
Immigrant and Refugee Experiences in Maine
Direct Action
New Leaders Project
Pine Tree Youth Organizing
Blunt Youth Radio
The Work that Reconnects
and more to come......

Also: Open Mic, dance, music, more
Then come to the fourteenth annual Youth Activism Gathering (YAG) at Friends Camp (Routes 9/202, South China, Maine) on April 19-21, 2014, and tell others in school or those you hang with about this awesome event for students, (late) teens, early 20's. More details are at http://maineyag.wordpress.com/.

You can make copies of this flyer and spread them around to others you know and post in public places.

There will be great workshops and skills to learn, lots of fun, and time to meet other youth activists. Some workshop topics will be youth radio, direct action, primitive nature skills, and consent. There will be music, dancing, and DIY entertainment in the evenings.

Meals and overnight housing will be provided, and we'll help arrange transportation if you need it to get to South China, Maine and back. Cost is $0-10/day or whatever you can pay ($0-20 for the weekend). All are welcome, whatever your ability to pay.

For more information, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (207) 525-7776 or visit us online at http://maineyag.wordpress.com/.


"Creating and Sustaining Vibrant Local Economies in Maine"  
on March 22,  9 AM-4 PM, Randall Student Center, Augusta

Reports from the gathering are or will be available. Contact ROSC for copies of those.


ROSC (Resources for Organizing and Social Change formerly INVERT) was founded in 1977 by people who wanted an organization to promote nonviolence and social change through mechanisms of education, training, and organizing. ROSC's mission is "to build and support a movement for nonviolent social change that will educate, activate, and empower all Maine people through grassroots community organizing."

Upcoming Events

grow Save the Date--Ninth annual GROW (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops) New England Weekend September 14-16, 2012 Bryant Pond 4-H Camp in Bryant Pond (new location on Christopher Lake in western Maine)  

Learn and hone organizing skills, enjoy beautiful surroundings and healthy food, network with old friends and meet new ones with similar interests.

Workshops will focus on skills for social change:

*grassroots fundraising *using the media and technology for grassroots action *democratic leadership development *overcoming oppressions/ celebrating inclusiveness *organizing 101 *storytelling and listening to identify the issues*and more. Register here.