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Welcome Sass Linneken



February 14, 2015

Changing Maine Gathering, University of Maine, Augusta

Local Organizing Against Corporate/Industrial Projects




Hello ROSC supporters!

My name is Sass Linneken and I’m thrilled to be trying to fit my tiny feet into Larry’s immense shoes as I transition into the role of Program Coordinator for ROSC this coming year.

Though I may be new to ROSC, I am no stranger to working for a more socially just and healthy world for people and the planet. Some of you may already know me from my work as a climate activist and organizer for 350 Maine. My time with 350 Maine has largely included work as a Communications and Media Team Leader but I’ve also spent a good chunk of time fostering skills in direct action organizing and overall organizational development; as a spokes council member I’ve helped to shape the developing working agreements of the different regions within the statewide organization.

In terms of which campaigns I’ve held nearest and dearest to my heart: among others, I enjoyed the great pleasure of helping to plan, organize, and take part in the successful oil train blockades in Fairfield and Auburn that helped put a stop to explosive, fracked oil coming through unsuspecting, heavily populated Maine communities by rail. Additionally, I have enjoyed helping to push the state through advocacy efforts to divest their public employee pension fund from fossil fuel holdings. In work not related to climate change and environmental issues I’ve also spent a great deal of time on food security with outfits like Veggies for All who grow fresh, organic produce by the tens of thousands of pounds for the greater Volunteer Regional Food Pantry in Unity. My passions hold a wide range of interest from environmental issues, to fighting poverty, to Indigenous rights, and in a holistic sense: to the deconstruction of our consumeristic, petroleum based culture, so it can be replaced by a community-centric model.

Though my formal education is in Environmental Writing and Media Studies (proudly attained through Maine’s, Unity College), it’s my education from life experience that most uniquely qualifies me to work on social justice issues. I have not only spent time living in homeless shelters; I have also had a financial need to rely on social programs to get by for the majority of my life. And this is something that has me excited – I think the best way to finding lasting solutions to what ails our society is to utilize the knowledge bank of those who know from firsthand experience what needs to be done to fill in the gaps. I am also a big believer in the idea that while it is important to put energy into fighting against injustice, it is even more effective to put energy into building the just world we want to see. I am incredibly excited to get started on this work with ROSC and I happily encourage anyone who would like to touch base with me to please feel free to shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or to give me a call at 207-607-2571.

Love, light and solidarity,




ROSC (Resources for Organizing and Social Change formerly INVERT) was founded in 1977 by people who wanted an organization to promote nonviolence and social change through mechanisms of education, training, and organizing. ROSC's mission is "to build and support a movement for nonviolent social change that will educate, activate, and empower all Maine people through grassroots community organizing."

Upcoming Events

21st annual Changing Maine Gathering

"We DO Have the Power: Local Organizing against Corporate/Industrial Projects”

 CM 15 Image

Save the date--February 14, 2015, Randall Center, U/Maine, Augusta, 9am-4pm.

(Snow date: Feb.21, same place and time)

How local groups can organize to prevent corporate or industrial projects that are harmful to their communities.  

Workshops and story panel will focus on local organizing and resistance:

*foundations of corporate opposition *how to start new campaigns *how to define and build strategies and tactics *identifying needs *analyzing current campaigns *story-telling from successful local campaigners *and more. Register here.