All ROSC projects are funded from community support. See below for a list of our projects and their descriptions. If you like the work of any of these ventures please consider volunteering or donating to support them. You can register for any of ROSC’s upcoming events by contacting us or filling out applicable registration forms.

Ability Maine

Ability Maine is a website created by people who are disabled and friends of the disability community in Maine. The mission of the site is to offer a place for collecting and sharing information and opinions about living with disabilities. Ability Maine aims to provide a place on the web for people with disabilities to find help in creating better lives for themselves and others, and also offers a community blog for people impacted by living with or loving people living with disabilities. Breath & Shadow, which is connected to the Ability Maine website, also offers a quarterly literary magazine written by people with disabilities.

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Action Library

The ROSC Action Library aims to offer direct action items to small, low-budget, grassroots groups and nonprofit organizations who wish to engage in nonviolent direct action and/or civil disobedience. We offer these items on a first-come, first-serve basis for intervals of up to two weeks at a time. If items are needed for longer than 2 weeks, we ask that you check in to see about “renewing” the loan. This will help us keep track of items, and will help us keep them in hand to loan out as often as possible. This project is modeled on a sharing economy, and so there is no charge for borrowing these items, though if you feel compelled to support our work with a donation, that’s totally cool with us! 🙂 The items we currently have in stock for loaning out include:

1 Bullhorn (battery-powered); 75 ft of Bright Yellow Braided Rope; 20 Walkie Talkies w/batteries; 15 Orange Street Cones; 10 Florescent Crowd Marshal Vests; 4 Flashlights; 2 Lock Boxes (for civil disobedience); 1 Mic & 1 Small Amp (require electricity); 1 Dell Projector (you provide dongles and USB chords); 1 Clip Board; 1 First Aid Kit; 1 Roll of Bright Orange Street Tape; 1 Roll of Bright Pink Street Tape;  Various signs (i.e. parking/info/restrooms, etc)

To request to borrow the entire kit, or any of these items individually, or to facilitate the donation of items or funds earmarked for this project, please email Sass Linneken at, using the subject heading: Action Library. For training materials on nonviolent direct action see our Publications page, and scroll down to the section that says: NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION TRAINING MATERIALS.

Alternatives to Violence Project

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), offering weekend workshops to prisoners in Maine, is a program whose wellspring is the belief that human beings are capable of change for the better. AVP programs work on the premise that former inmates are more likely to succeed when they return to their communities by developing, during incarceration, the skills to communicate more effectively, to reflect on their lives, and to deal non-violently with potentially explosive situations.

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Changing Maine Directory

The Changing Maine Directory (CMD) is Maine’s grassroots resource for nonprofits and change makers. Each listing in the CMD includes detailed descriptions and the most up-to-date contact information for over 1,500 non-profit, grassroots, progressive, social change and social service organizations working throughout Maine, some of which can be found in no other place. Previously called the Maine Alternative Yellow & Green Pages, since 1986 ROSC has continuously worked to keep this directory’s entries current, accurate and relevant to help empower folx looking to create positive, meaningful social change. Click “Learn More” to visit the CMD website.

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Changing Maine Gatherings

Changing Maine Gatherings are an annual, short and sweet one-day series of talks and workshops for grassroots activists. These gatherings have been happening in Maine for over two decades and are a great place for activists and organizers to plug into ongoing campaigns and to network with others working for social change. Every year offers a different theme.

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Donated Car Program

ROSC provides safe, used vehicles to lower-income grassroots organizers and activists free of charge when we receive them as donations. Sometimes we receive requests or hear through the grapevine that there is a change-maker in need, and so we’ll proactively send out an ask for this kind of support from our donors. Other times, donors contact us and offer their vehicles, which we donate on a first-come-first-serve basis after sending out an alert that we’ve received one. When we’ve received multiple requests for this type of support we create a waiting list, and donate accordingly. If you have a vehicle to donate or would like to be added to our waiting list, please contact Sass Linneken at using the subject heading: Donated Car Program, or call 207-607-2571.

GrassRoots Organizing Workshops (GROW)

Every year ROSC helps organize and financially support a weekend long gathering in the fall that offers workshops focused on the fundamentals of community organizing. The goal of GROW is to create a culture of organizing as the way to create change and build grassroots power in the state. The theme every year rotates between Skills, Tactics, and Strategies.

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Mindful Queer Collective

Mindful Queer Collective (MQC) is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based collective of volunteers, organizers, and participants. While we mobilize to support individuals and grassroots organizing on behalf of queer and trans rights, we recognize a need for, and prioritize intersectionality, decolonization, and centering of voices erased within popular “LGBT”/Pride organizing. We reclaim the word “Queer” and collectivize as a group of individuals with ties to many different social justice communities. Our mission is to organize a community of transgender, queer, and marginalized people of all ages for the purpose of community building, networking for advocacy, and supporting each other. We seek to develop a model for rural queer organizing that may be used by other groups and organizations.

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No Class

No Class is a group of Maine people who began getting together in 2003 to educate each other on issues of class and classism. The group is at least ¾ people of working or lowered class background. No Class works for justice and the redistribution of power by working in our communities to increase understanding, change attitudes, take action and overcome class inequality.

Youth Activism Gatherings

The Youth Activism Gathering (YAG) is about supporting youth as social change activists. Every year ROSC helps to organize and financially support a weekend-long YAG in mid-April that offers workshops and activist skills as well as time and space for art-builds, music, talent-shows, and other beautiful and creative bonding opportunities. The YAG is a youth organized, youth centered gathering dedicated to providing a safe environment in which participants are given the space to explore issues and topics important to them, and to share tools that will help them be active organizers within their communities. We’re looking for more youth organizers to plan this event and outreach to Maine youth, so please contact us if you or others you know might be interested.

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