All ROSC projects are funded from community support. See below for a list of our projects and their descriptions. If you like the work of any of these ventures please consider volunteering or donating to support them. You can register for any of ROSC's upcoming events by contacting us or filling out applicable registration forms.

Youth Activism Gatherings

The Youth Activism Gathering (YAG) is about supporting youth as social change activists. Every year ROSC helps to organize and financially support a weekend-long YAG in mid-April that offers workshops and activist skills as well as time and space for art-builds, music, talent-shows, and other beautiful and creative bonding opportunities. The YAG is a youth organized, youth centered gathering dedicated to providing a safe environment in which participants are given the space to explore issues and topics important to them, and to share tools that will help them be active organizers within their communities. We're looking for more youth organizers to plan this event and outreach to Maine youth, so please contact us if you or others you know might be interested.

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