Action Library

The ROSC Action Library aims to offer direct action items to small, low-budget, grassroots groups and nonprofit organizations who wish to engage in nonviolent direct action and/or civil disobedience. We offer these items on a first-come, first-serve basis for intervals of up to two weeks at a time. If items are needed for longer than 2 weeks, we ask that you check in to see about "renewing" the loan. This will help us keep track of items, and will help us keep them in hand to loan out as often as possible. This project is modeled on a sharing economy, and so there is no charge for borrowing these items, though if you feel compelled to support our work with a donation, that's totally cool with us! :) The items we currently have in stock for loaning out include:

1) Up to 10 florescent colored Crowd Marshal Vests

2) Up to 21 Walkie Talkies w/batteries

3) Up to 15 Orange Street Cones

4) Up to 75 ft of Bright Yellow Braided Rope

5) 2 Lock boxes (for civil disobedience)

6) 1 Clip Board

7) 1 Roll of Bright Orange Street Tape

8) 1 Roll of Bright Pink Street Tape

9) 1 Mic & 1 Small Amp (require electricity) 

10) Various signs (i.e. parking/info/restrooms, etc)

To request to borrow any of these items, or to facilitate the donation of items or funds earmarked for this project, please email Sass Linneken at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using the subject heading: Action Library. For training materials on nonviolent direct action see our Publications page, and scroll down to the section that says: NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION TRAINING TRAINING MATERIALS.