Fiscal Sponsorship

ROSC offers fiscal sponsorship to small grassroots groups who do not hold 501(c)(3) status and whose work aligns with ROSC's mission. Because our aim is to remove barriers, we do this as cheaply for those we sponsor as we can, charging an administrative fee that is on a sliding scale, dependent on the group's budget, of between 2-5% of payments we process. Additionally, we offer a discounted reparations fee structure for groups who are primarily led by *and* offering the majority of their services to populations traditionally considered to be owed reparations. Fiscal sponsorship offers small groups the ability to apply for funds through grantors who require their grantees to either hold 501(c)(3) status or be sponsored by a larger organization who does. Being sponsored by a 501(c)(3) can also offer incentive to donors who itemize their taxes to donate to smaller groups. Groups we currently sponsor, or have sponsored in the past include:

350 Maine; Bangor Racial & Economic Justice Coalition; Center for an Ecology-Based Economy; Community Water Justice; Down to Earth Climate Justice Storytelling Project; Fare Share Co-op; Food for Maine's Future; For Us, By Us Fund; JED Collective; King Fellows; Lesbian Home Movie Project; Local Sprouts Cooperative; Machigonne Community Land Trust; Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition; Maine War Tax Resisters Resource Center; NAACP of Portland; National War Tax Resisters Coordinating Committee; Occupy Maine; Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine; PeaceWorks; PICA!; RISE-op Housing Cooperative; Sunlight Media Collective; Wabanaki Wigwum Project; Woman in Moon Films