For Us, By Us Fund

Since the election, attacks against People of Color (PoC) have become more frequent across this country. Here in Maine, PoC have been facing increased harassment and violence, on the streets and in our schools. It has become clear that PoC in Maine need resources and safe spaces to organize ourselves, heal ourselves, and to create. Our communities face unique challenges partly because we live as such an extreme minority of the population. While some of us are able to find time and space to gather on occasion, few of us are able to pull together resources with any consistency. This lack of capacity means that we remain isolated, unable to connect with each other and support one another as needed. We are building a flexible fund to support gathering – money to help us rent spaces; money to help provide transportation for those of us who live outside of Portland; money to help offer childcare during gatherings. We need these resources to help us come together so that we can (1) provide a space to set priorities among ourselves for our own communities; (2) build the structural capacity needed to move towards PoC-lead, sustainable institutions and (3) to develop PoC leadership. In time, our hope is to use the funds raised here to establish a more permanent space for PoC in southern Maine to gather safely, and address the priorities our communities set.

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