Showing Up for Racial Justice - Central Maine

Central Maine SURJ organizes white Mainers in and around the Lewiston-Auburn area for racial justice through community organizing, mobilizing, and education. The violence communities of color experience due to their race is largely coming from white-controlled institutions and white communities, therefore it is our work to organize our communities to work for racial justice. Central Maine SURJ is dedicated to racial justice world-wide and specifically in our region. We know that even though we live in the whitest state in the country, racism and colonialism are present here just as they are elsewhere. Some examples of this are the governor's racist and false comments linking drug problems in Maine to people of color, the state's recent decision that the Penobscot Indian Reservation does not include the waters of Penobscot River, attacks on general assistance for asylum seekers, and the governor's efforts to block refugees from coming to Maine. We are dedicated to stopping this oppression.

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