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Resources During COVID-19




During this time of global crisis, ROSC has been hard at work gathering up resources and tools that can be used by organizers and others to create safety and support through community-based, mutual aid projects. Additionally, we've been researching campaigns and tools being used by people who are trying to create cultural shifts that will push us toward a more equitable world through means of direct action and other types of community organizing. At the link above you will find a non-exhaustive list of these resources, which we invite you to add to!

There are a lot of ways to create change, and there are a lot of great organizations that are currently working to push our elected leaders to do the right thing. Where we see ROSC fitting into this conversation is through offering resources that build collective power through community resilience and people power. While we do believe that pushing structural change through exerting political pressure is an essential task of the day, we also believe it is equally important that we organize with one another to create alternatives to the top-down approach of our current systems. The crisis we are facing today is not just a crisis of health, it is also equally, if not even more so, a crisis of system. If we had the mechanisms in place already to care for each other and to honor approaches like housing as a human right, healthcare as a human right, paid sick leave as an essential right of workers, land and food justice that connected us to place and gave us autonomy in procuring the nourishment we need, we would likely be seeing a totally different scenario than the crisis we are currently witnessing and experiencing in many cases.

Please see the link above for resources you can use to create safety and security for yourself and your community, and to organize around ways to honor our needs as human beings.

**Note: This curation is a work in progress, so check back for additional resources frequently as we will continue to add to this list as often as possible. 

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